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Management of additional service for MBS protocol
Acronym MBS
Funding Greek Research and Technology Network S.A. (GRNET)
Delegate Organization CTI
Partners -
Start Date 01 January 2001
End Date 31 December 2001
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RU6 has undertaken a number of projects in the filed of Management Bandwidth Services. The research in these projects is focused on techniques and algorithms for network Management Services with quality of service in Internet WANs. These services are becoming more and more important for the implementation of advanced services over large-scale heterogeneous networks. The projects will extend the proposed solutions for the management and constrain of resources from point to point and will propose uniform ways of efficient and rational administration putting emphasis on the exploitation of the underlying technologies of the engaged subnetworks. In addition, the projects investigate the capabilities offered by the MPLS technology (and especially MPLS VPNs), as well as solutions (e.g. MPLS/CCC) that allow transfer of layer 2 protocols over MPLS.

• RU6 announces the completion of Intracom Course
• The Western Greece Region and the University of Patras host the fifth study visit of the project
• Launching of project SECOVIA
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