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Development of a world wide web server for the Municipality of Patras
Acronym PATRAS
Funding Municipality of Patras
Delegate Organization CTI
Partners -
Start Date 15 November 2000
End Date 30 July 2001
WebSite Visit WebSite


The project will design and develop the web site of the Municipality of the city of Patras. The web site will contain information concerning news and announcements of the municipality, all organizations affiliated with the municipality, news about the world famous carnival, a city guide and a lot of information about the activities in the municipality. The web site will also provide a lot of services to citizens and web users such as an electronic poll, electronic ticket reservation, interactive maps and others. CTI/RU6 is responsible for the design and implementation of the web site and all the services that will be provided.

• RU6 announces the completion of Intracom Course
• The Western Greece Region and the University of Patras host the fifth study visit of the project
• Launching of project SECOVIA
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