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Program for the Training of Executives and Trainers of special social groups
Acronym PLATON
Program Employment - Integra
Funding European Economic Community
Delegate Organization Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Partners CTI
Mentor Training S.A.
Perfecture of Achaia
General Secretariat for Adult Education
Start Date 01 January 1998
End Date 31 December 1999


The project aimed in producing and distributing training material for tutors of special social groups. CTI was responsible for the development of an asynchronous ODL tool to support the above activities and for the design and implementation of a database to include organizations that offer continuous training for special user groups tutors. The ODL tool offers library support, glossary and an evaluation schema and the database will be accessible from the Internet. Both applications are user protected (authentication mechanism) and allow easy administration.

• RU6 announces the completion of Intracom Course
• The Western Greece Region and the University of Patras host the fifth study visit of the project
• Launching of project SECOVIA
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