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Design and Implementation of a Platform for the Optimization of Services provided by Vending Machines with Remote Management
Acronym PAVET-NE 2004
Program Operational Program “Competitiveness”
Funding General Secretariat for Research and Technology of Ministry of Development
Delegate Organization e-Codes
Partners CTI
Start Date 15 January 2007
End Date 15 August 2008


Goal of this project is the design and implementation of a System for the optimization of services provided by vending machines with remote management. The system will be able to manage propagated geographically vending machines that provide specific services. These vending machines (via their equipment) fulfil specific services to the citizens. Goal of this project is the design and implementation of the completed system (hardware and software) that will provide these services. From the activity the company (E-CODES) will acquire the essential know-how for future implementation and exploitation of such system. The system will ensure:
 Provision of the forecasted services.
 Remote access of terminals to central servers. The way of connection depends on the provided services and the needs for central briefing.
 Functional environment for the final user.
 Completed system of management that includes the following: Remote management and control of terminals? operation, remote connection for pumping data and reprogramming of terminals, Central system that will manage the whole system and will check all the parameters of safety and avoidance from damage.
The know-how that will be acquired through this project will be the main exploitable result which is expected to constitute the base for products and services of the company.

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