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Promotion of ICTs usage by SMEs as an enabler of Value Networks
Acronym ICT-VN
Program Interreg IVC
Funding 80% ERDF - 20% EU National Co-financing
Delegate Organization Dedalo Foundation for the information Society
Partners CTI
ERVET - Emilia Romagna Economic Development Agency L.t.d
Malta Communications Authority
Agro Business Park
TeleRegions Network
RDA of Northern Primorska Ltd Nova Gorica
West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency Non-profit Limited Liability Company
Border Regional Authority
Start Date 01 March 2010
End Date 31 December 2012


All around Europe regions have implemented different strategies to promote Information Society in SME?s convinced about the ICTs usage benefits to favor business sector. Those actions have contributed to the widely use of e-business as an opportunity for SME?s growth.
ICT-VN want to go one step further and introduce a new challenge on information society promotion policies for SMEs. Today?s business environment tend toward more networked forms of organization and ICT?s development is one of the main drivers to facilitate interactions and value networks creation.
The project relies on the cooperation among 10 partners, from 9 countries willing to increase the impact of regional strategies for the Information Society and ICT promotion and development in SMEs in order to promote networking and contribute to the improvement of their regional economic competitiveness. New strategies will focus on three key sectors: agrifood, commerce/services and tourism.

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