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Intracom Course
Acronym Intracom Course
Delegate Organization INTRACOM TELECOM
Partners University of Patras
Start Date 28 April 2014
End Date 05 May 2014


The seminar was designed to include all the basic networking issues to be aware of employees with INTRACOM TELECOM profile of participants. Specifically, the seminar was designed to include the following topics:

OSI Layers 2/3, Subnets, Switching, Routing, IP tables, Virtual IP, UDP, TCP, SCTP, ARP, MAC addresses, Sockets, IPv6, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), IP Quality of Service (IP QoS)

• RU6 announces the completion of Intracom Course
• The Western Greece Region and the University of Patras host the fifth study visit of the project
• Launching of project SECOVIA
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