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The Virtual Radiopharmacy - a mindful learning environment
Acronym VIRRAD
Program IST
Funding European Union
Delegate Organization ICRF Nuclear Medicine Research Laboratory,Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)
Partners CTI
CSALT / University of Lancaster
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
University of Purdue
Instituto Tecnologico e Nuclear
University of Alberta
Start Date 08 February 2002
End Date 08 February 2005
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The main objectives of VirRAD are the development of

i) an instructional design from Mindful-Learning theory;

ii) a multi-layered meta-cognitive learner model within the context of an intelligent, virtual reality enhanced, distance learning environment for vocational training;

iii) the embedding of this environment within an enriched learning structure that gathers together learners, practitioners and specialists in a knowledge community, using Radiopharmacy as the target learning and knowledge exchange area.

VirRAD aims to create a readily-accessible virtual-environment where the Nuclear Medicine community can meet to learn, exchange views, and discuss best practice. This intelligent learning environment incorporates a number of multimedia resources, including a dedicated simulation-based virtual environment in which trainees may gain experience of operating equipment with potentially hazardous radioactive materials.

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