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Publications - By Year - 1997
International Journals
Pure greedy Hot-Potato routing in the 2-d mesh with random destinations

Parallel Processing Letters Vol. 7 No. 3, P. Spirakis, V. Triantafillou, 1997, pp. 249 - 258

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Using Multimedia/Hypermedia Tools over Networks for Distance Education and Training

Journal of Educational Technology Review - ETR, AACE, No. 7, C. Bouras, D. Fotakis, V. Kapoulas, S. Kontogiannis, P. Lampsas, P. Spirakis, A. Tatakis, Summer 1997, pp. 20 - 26

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International Conferences
Competitive Video on Demand Schedulers for Popular Movies

Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Communications (ICALP satellite workshop), Bologna, Italy, C. Bouras, V. Kapoulas, G. Pantziou, P. Spirakis, 11 - 12 July 1997

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HY-MOST: HYpermedia MOdel for Synchronised presenTations

3rd Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems, Southampton, UK, I. Antoniou, C. Bouras, D. Moiras, V. Ouzounis, P. Spirakis, 6 - 11 April 1997, pp. 18 - 23

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A General Performance Model for Multistage Interconnection Networks

Euro-Par '97, Passau, Germany, C. Bouras, J. Garofalakis, P. Spirakis, V. Triantafillou, 25 - 29 August 1997, pp. 993 - 1000

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An HTML like language supporting time-depended transmission of hypermedia

The Eighth International ACM Hypertext Conference-Hypertext 97, Southampton, UK, C. Bouras, V. Kapoulas, P. Spirakis, A. Tatakis, 6 - 11 April 1997

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Superhighways for Open and Distance Learning

1997 EDEN Conference, Budapest, Hungary, C. Bouras, P. Lampsas, P. Spirakis, 23 - 25 June 1997, pp. 32 - 36

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Enabling Distance Education over the World Wide Web

World Conference of the WWW, Internet and Intranet- WebNet 97,Torodo,Canada, I. Antoniou, C. Bouras, P. Lampsas, P. Spirakis, 31 Octiber - 5 November 1997

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The Design and Development of Advanced Network Services over the Patras University Campus Network

5th International Conference on Computers in Education-ICCE 97, Sarawak, Malaysia, I. Antoniou, B. Basiliadis, C. Bouras, J. Garofalakis, P. Kappos, D. Karageorgopoylos, P. Spirakis, V. Triantafillou, A. Tsakalidis, J. Tsaknakis, J. Tzimas, 2 - 6 December 1997, pp. 420 - 427

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Hermes Service: Distributed Hypermedia Educational Services on Demand

ED-MEDIA/ED-TELECOM 97, Calgary, Canada, I. Antoniou, C. Bouras, V. Kapoulas, D. Karageorgopoylos, D. Moiras, V. Ouzounis, P. Spirakis, 14 - 19 Jne 1997, pp. 19 - 24

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Major Principles on the Design of an Educational Network

Open Classroom II Conference, Crete, Greece, C. Bouras, D. Fotakis, A. Katanou, A. Konidaris, S. Kontogiannis, A. Sevasti, E. Stephanou, 17 - 19 September 1997, pp. 359 - 366

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In-Service Training through ODL Environments:From User Needs To Functional Specifications

8th International Conference Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education-SITE 97, Orlando, USA, C. Bouras, P. Lampsas, P. Spirakis, 1 - 5 April 1997, pp. 519 - 522

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Conclusions on the Analysis of User Requirements concerning the use of ICT in the Didactic Process

ED-MEDIA/ED-TELECOM 97, Calgary, Canada, K. Antonis, C. Bouras, J. Garofalakis, N. Kastis, S. Kontogiannis, P. Lampsas, P. Spirakis, G. Tsakarissianos, 14 - 19 June 1997, pp. 13 - 18

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ODYSSEAS: The Greek Educational Network for Secondary Education

EUROAMERITEL'97 Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica, C. Bouras, A. Hatzilakos, M. Koutlis, N. Panopoulos, P. Spirakis, 5 - 7 November 1997

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• RU6 announces the completion of Intracom Course
• The Western Greece Region and the University of Patras host the fifth study visit of the project
• Launching of project SECOVIA
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