Research Unit 6 (RU6) is part of the R&D Department of CTI & Press "Diophantus". RU6 exhibits substantial research activity in the following areas:

Cross-layer Design and Mechanisms

RU6 exhibits research in the area of cross layer design that utilize information available of different layers in the protocol stack in wireless network in order to improve end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS). More specifically RU6 uses cross layer techniques to address the problems of power management, and content, video and in general multimedia data transmission over mobile ad-hoc networks.

Mobile Networks

RU6 conducts research on mobile networks and applications proposing innovative techniques in order to meet the Next Generation Mobile Networks high performance demands and employing state-of-art web technologies for mobile application development.

Network Simulations

Simulation has always been a valuable tool for experimentation and validation of models, architectures and mechanisms in the field of networking. In order to study and validate Quality of Service and wireless architecture issues we used the ns-2 simulator. Ns-2 is a powerful simulation tool that can simulate many kinds of networks, like mobile and satellite networks and provide useful low-level insight in the operation of the networks.